How do I Blacklist an Email address in Zendesk Sell?


Blacklisting an address is another way to manage specific addresses.
When you add an email address to the blacklist, Zendesk Sell stops tracking your email communication with that address entirely – you can send an email to it, but it won't be recorded in Sell.


Individual Emails

Any email address added to the blacklist will not appear in Sell. If you have a Lead or Contact with multiple addresses associated, only those in the blacklist will not show in Sell.

If an email is addressed to multiple recipients, and one of them is blacklisted, the email is only visible on the feed of the non-blacklisted recipient. In other words, all recipients need to be blacklisted if you want the email to be removed completely.  

When you navigate to a blacklisted Contact, you will see a note saying “This Contact is blacklisted.” This prevents you from manually changing the visibility of the contact's emails. If you have a Deal with a blacklisted Contact, that Deal will not display any emails; however, if the Deal is associated with multiple Contacts and one or some of the Contacts is not blacklisted, the Deal will display the email correspondence.

Team Member Emails

In order to make sure that your communication in Sell only includes pertinent exchanges with customers, Sell automatically blacklists email addresses of your team members (this includes emails sent to and from their login emails, integrated emails, etc.).
This applies only to emails where the sole recipient or sender is a member of your team.

If you copy your team member on an email to a customer, the email will be visible on the customer's Contact.

Note: You cannot unblock team member email addresses manually. Please reach out to support if you would like to have an email removed from your team members blacklist who is no longer an active user