Using the Geolocation features in Zendesk Sell

With the Zendesk Sell Geolocation feature you can visualize your Leads, Contacts and Deals on a map and reach them with one-touch driving directions on any of our Mobile apps.

Mapping made easy

Say you’re traveling to visit customers and prospects, and want to spend your time wisely. You don’t have time to plan the most efficient routes, but you also don’t want to make unnecessary trips across town. Zendesk Sell maps all of your Leads, Contacts and Deals making it easy to identify who you should visit and where you should spend your time. Zoom out to get the big picture, zoom in to view more detail, and tap on any Contact, Lead or Deal to get the specifics—like Deal size—or driving directions.

To use Geolocation on your mobile device just go into Leads, Contacts or Deals and click on the Map icon on the top left of your device. Here you will see pin drop icons for any nearby people. 



Maps Filtered To Your Specifications

Maps can be filtered by a wide variety of fields, such as Owner, Tags, Contact Type (Person or Company) and City. To filter your map, click on the filter icon on the top right of the screen. Choose fields to filter by to narrow down your results.


When you first launch the Sell mobile app you will have a pop up to grant the app access for location services.  Click accept in order for the geolocation services to work. If you tapped Deny at the start you will need to change this in your phones settings menu to grant Sell access.  For iOS devices this will be found by going to Settings --> Privacy --> Location Services.  Here make sure the Sell app has access turned on.