What's New in Base - March 9th, 2015


We tend to work pretty quickly here at Base. Unlike other platforms, we roll out our updates as soon as they're ready, rather than making you wait for an archaic release cycle.

To help keep you up to date on Base's latest and greatest, we'll begin posting updates here once every 2 weeks or sooner. You'll also see a subscription button show up here in the near future, making it even easier to keep tabs on what's new!

Drill Down into your Total Sales Report

Ever wanted to know exactly which Deals contributed to your sales in a given timeframe? 

We're happy to announce that you can now drill down into those Deals right from the Total Sales Report. The Gif below shows the total amounts earned by various team members - clicking into their names drops down into a list of all the Deals they Won to contribute to that! 


Should you wish, you can also Export that data as well!



New Email Integration flow on Mobile

Hooking up your email to Base has never been more painless. Just enter in your email and password - Base will do it's best to pull in the rest of your email information!

If you're using Gmail or Google Apps, you can now connect your email to Base just by signing into your Google account.



Text Message Aggregation

Similar to Emails, Tasks, and Notes, Text messages can now be aggregated up to a Contact's Company card in Base.