How do I Score my Leads?

It's always useful to know which Leads you should be directing your time and focus at for maximum impact. Base is here to help with Lead Scoring!

Lead Scoring is available on the Enterprise Plan.

Lead scores can be created by logging into your Base Account and visiting the Scoring panel in your Settings page.

You can convert certain sets of information for your Leads into specific scores. This is done using the formula that can use a number of variables you set. You can also select a color scale to make it even clearer if a Lead's score is in the range that warrants special attention.

Your formula can consist of single-letter variable symbols, numbers, and brackets. You can use basic arithmetic operations, i.e. addition (+), difference(-), multiplication (*) and division (/). Example formula: 5 * (A + B) - 2 * C

All variables must be defined before a formula works. Parentheses in the formula will not be taken into consideration.

The result of the formula is visible in the Leads list and in a Lead's page as the score. You can use it to filter and sort your leads, making it even easier to work your way from the top.