Android Contact Integration

Normally, in order to log calls in Zendesk Sell, you must make the call from your Sell voice number. The Android Contact Integration allows you to log calls in Sell made to your mobile number instead. 

In case any of your business contacts give you a call on your mobile number, as opposed to your Sell number, this feature makes logging calls easy. Keep in mind that this feature will only allow you to log the call with an outcome and notes, as call recording is only available with calls made on your Sell number.

When you turn on the Android Contact Integration, all of your Sell Contacts will be imported to your Android address book. Then, any time you receive a call on your mobile number from a Sell Contact or Lead, you can automatically log the call afterwards.

 To turn on the Android Contact Integration, go to your Settings menu from the Today page.



In your Settings, scroll down until you see the section for the Android Contacts Integration and toggle on the button. You're all set!