Contact Smart Lists

Having many Contacts to reach out to is a good thing, but sometimes it makes keeping track of all of those names hard to do. To help out, we're introducing Smart Lists for Contacts.

The Smart List is available as the second view within Contacts.

Note: You'll need to be on the latest version of Base's iOS and Android apps to use Smart Lists on mobile.

At its core, the Smart List starts with a full list of your Contacts and all their names and associated Companies. You can add more columns (and edit and remove them later) to see more data categories. Naturally, this also includes the custom fields you define for your Contacts. If the columns you add to the list take up too much space, you will see a tab that says "More" - that's where the extra columns are.

You can scroll the list view horizontally - the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen will always indicate your position in the list.

In order to make sure you can focus on the most pertinent details, Base lets you order the columns — as easy as drag and drop. Just click on the tab on the right-hand side of the column's name, and drag it to where you want it to be.

Each column can be filtered using relevant criteria, and you can sort the entire list based on the column you select. If your filters and sorting options are applied to columns that are off-screen at the moment, the "More" tab will indicate that accordingly.

You can apply several filters, on several columns, at the same time. The possible use of these include, for instance, "all New Contacts that came from a specific Tag, sorted by a Date Range."

If you want to return to the default view, just click the Clear All Filters button.

You can remove a column by clicking on the trash can icon available when you open a column's filtering options.

Note: The Smart List view allows for a single smart list per each user of your Base account. The categories and criteria you select are saved - even when you log out of your account - until you change them manually.

A Smart List defined by one user of the account will only be visible to that person. Their colleagues will need to recreate that list on their own, or create their own respective Smart Lists.

Once you have your Smart List defined you can export all of the data in a CSV file. Follow this guide for more details: Exporting your Smart Lists.


Saved Smart Lists

No need to undo all of your hard work to create a new Smart List. Once you've got it perfected - save it, and create a new one!

You can create a new Smart List by clicking on the Actions button at the top of the page.

This will create a fresh Smart List draft for you to work on. You can name this whatever you'd like by clicking the Actions button once more. You'll also be prompted for a name when you save your new list for the first time.

You can then add columns and sort as you normally would. Every change you make is automatically saved as a draft, and will be visible the next time you pull up the account.

Pro Tip: Use our moving date range filter to automatically select information within a given range of time. If you'd like your Smart List to always show you information filtered for the current month, choose the This Month option in the date filter.

Once you're done making changes, hit the green save button.

Et voila, you're all set! You can then swap between smart lists from the selector at the top of the page. Any Smart List that is saved will sync up with your mobile apps as well!