What's New in Base - April 20th, 2015


Smart List for Contacts

The Smart List trifecta is now complete: Smart List is now available for Contacts. You can now filter, sort, and export your Contacts - just like Leads and Deals! For more information, check out this guide.

Real Time Email Sync

Time is of the essence - the quicker you respond to an email, the better your chances for closing a Deal. To help out, we’ve turned on real-time sync for your inboxes. Now, as soon as an email comes in, you’ll know about it within Base. 

Sticky Filters on iOS

Feel free to navigate around the Base App as much as you want! Any filters you set up for Leads, Contacts, or Deals will remain active when you leave that area. 

Native Twitter and LinkedIn iOS Links

Tapping a Twitter or LinkedIn profile link within Base once opened up Safari on your mobile device. Now, as long as you have the Twitter and LinkedIn apps installed, Base will open those instead!