Lead Statuses

Lead Status allows you to track the current status of your Leads. By default, Base assigns a few status options such as New, Working, Open, and Unqualified.
You can add additional statuses, and edit the existing status names in your settings. To edit Lead Statuses:
  • Navigate to your settings in the top right corner of Base
  • Click Leads
  • Click the Lead Status tab
  • To add a new status, click + Add Lead Status
  • To edit an existing stays name, click Edit next to the status and make your changes, then click Save
Note Any lead moved to the  Unqualified status will hide the Lead from your main view. This is so any Unqualified Leads remain in Base, but do not clutter your view with the active Leads you should be working on. Even if you edit the name of the Unqualified status field, any Leads moved here will still be hidden from your view.
To see your Unqualified Leads, you can filter the view to the right of the Leads page. Click the Status filter, and select Unqualified.