Lead and Deal Sources

Lead and Deal Sources allow you to track where your Leads and Deals are coming from so you can effectively evaluate which Source is more successful or challenging for your business. The Source values are unique to your business and created by you.

What is a Lead or Deal Source?

Lead and Deal Sources are the channels or ways in which you get new Leads or Deals. Example: Website, Trade Show, Existing Customer



Why should I use them?

Tracking the Source of your Leads or Deals makes it easy to identify in which channels is your business most successful. It can also help you identify which Sales Rep is more successful selling to which type of Lead.

Tip: Filter your Funnel Report by Source to look at how different sources convert.

How do I add or edit my Sources?

  1. Navigate to your Settings in the top right corner of Zendesk Sell
  2. Click Leads or Deals
  3. Click the Lead Sources or Deal Sources tab
  4. To add a Lead/Deal Source, click the + Add Lead/Deal Source button
  5. To edit an existing Lead/Deal Source, click the Edit button next to the source you want to change. Once you've made your changes, click Save

Note: Follow the same steps but for Deals and Deal Sources to manage Sources for Deals.


What happens to a Lead Source when a Lead is converted?

If you create a Deal upon Lead conversion, the Lead Source will become the Deal Source for that Deal. If you are not creating a Deal, the Lead Source will not be visible anywhere, but that data will still be visible in relevant Reports in Zendesk Sell.