Managing Custom Fields for Leads, Contacts and Deals

Custom fields in Zendesk Sell play a huge role in allowing you to capture the information that you need about your Leads, Contacts and Deals.

Custom Fields can also be used as filtering options, but their real use comes when you need to store information that isn’t provided by Sell’s default set of fields. For example, you can add a Skype name or an anniversary date to a Contact using Custom Fields. These are things that you might not necessarily want to filter by, but are still great to have on a contact card for reference.





A custom field is any extra “special” information that you’d like to track about your clients. It can be text, a number, or even a True/False. For example, you may need to track your clients’ CustomerID or their StudentID. You may need to keep track of their secondary mobile phone number. Or you might even need to track their industry or whether or not they have bought from you before.

Zendesk Sell has a variety of Custom Field types for storing your data:

Single Line Text - The single line text field type allows you to enter a single line of text into the Custom Field. You can add up to 10,000 characters in this field.

Paragraph Text - The paragraph text field type allows you to enter paragraph's of text. You can add up to 65,000 characters in this field.

Number - The number field type allows you to enter numeric values. Note that it only accepts integer values and decimals are cut off.

Checkbox - The checkbox field allows you to have an 'on' or 'off' checkbox.

Dropdown - The dropdown field type allows you to designate choices for a user to select from for this Custom Field. You'll then be able to select a single choice from this field to apply to a record. You can insert up to 500 choices. 

Multi-Select - Similar to a Dropdown field, this will allow you to designate choices for a user to select. This option will allow you to select one, or many, choices to apply to the record in question. For example: if you define choices A, B, and C in a Multi-Select field, you'll be able to apply A and C to a record at the same time. You can insert up to 500 choices here as well.

Date - The date field type will allow you select a certain date to input in the Custom Field. 

Email - If your Leads or Contacts have multiple email addresses, store additional email addresses in this Custom Field. This field type will allow you to send and receive emails from these secondary email addresses to keep track of all communication with your Leads, Contacts, and Deals. 

Phone - The phone field type allows you to input a phone number, which can then be called via Sell Voice or your transfer number. 

Address - The address field type allows you to input an additional address for your Lead or Contact.

URL - The URL field type allows you to input a web address in a custom field on a Lead, Contact or Deal card.



Custom Fields are created separately for your LeadsContacts and Deals. For example to add a Custom Field for a Deal card:

  1. Click on Deals located on the left side of the Settings page.
  2. Click on the Custom Fields tab.
  3. Select + Add Field button to add a new Custom Field. 
  4. Enter the custom field name and select the type of field.
  5. After you're finished, click Save.



As part of the Custom Field setup process you are able select the 'Filterable' and 'Value editable only by an admin' checkbox. Checking the first box will make the Custom Field available for filtering in your Smart Lists. Checking the second box will make the field editable and viewable only by an admin if not filled out. If information has been added to a custom field type, and this checkbox has been checked, a user will be able to see this information but will not be able to edit the field. 


TIP: Using custom fields to filter and sort your data is a great way to segment your Leads, Contacts and Deals by information specific to your business. To enable filtering by a custom field you've created, you'll need to enable the filtering option through your Custom Field settings. Each custom field you would like to use as a filter must be enabled individually.

TIP: The following types of custom fields cannot be used as filters - checkbox, paragraph text, email, address, phone number, URL.



When adding your Custom Fields you'll notice that there are a number of options specific to Leads, Contacts and Deals section. For Leads, the 'Upon conversion' fields allow you to designate which Contacts or Deals this field is transferred to upon converting a Lead. 

Upon conversion transfer to deal - Checking this box will transfer the custom field to the Deal card if a Deal is created as part of the Lead conversion process.

Upon conversion transfer to person - Checking this box will transfer the custom field to the individual Contact card if an individual Contact's first and last name are present on the Lead.

Upon conversion transfer to company - Checking this box will transfer the custom field to the company Contact card if a company name is present on the Lead.


For Contacts, you can choose to differentiate your Custom Fields for person and company records. The field will be visible for only the type of record you check here.


For Deals, there is an option to create Custom Fields that are specific to your pipelines. These are available for the Multiple Sales Pipeline feature, available on the Manage Enterprise plan.




When a Contact gets qualified as either a Prospect or a Customer, its Custom Fields are also copied over to the Prospects and Customers section.

TIP: It is important to remember that deleting a Custom Field from the Contacts section does not remove its counterpart in the Prospects and Customers section.



To edit a Custom Field click on the 'Edit' button to the right of a Custom Field name. You'll see the same window as when adding a new one. After you make all the necessary edits, click on Save and you're set.

TIP: It is not possible to change a Custom Field type once you've entered some information in this Custom Field for your records.



In order to delete a custom field, select the red trash icon next to your custom field. You'll be prompted to confirm your choice.




When using Custom Fields, you'll likely want to specify the order that they show up in for both edit/add mode as well as after they are set.

1. To set the order of Custom Fields, go to Settings and select either Leads/Contacts/Deals depending on which you want to set and select the Custom Fields tab.

2. Drag the Custom Field to the order you prefer using the green handle, located on the right side of each Custom Field, visible upon hovering your mouse over a field. You can also use the up and down arrows to modify the field order.

The Custom Field order will automatically be saved. All existing cards will be automatically updated with the set field order.



Learn how to create custom fields in Sell in this video guide.