Overview of the communication center

Learn how to view and manage your Emails in the Communication Center in Zendesk Sell.  


Once you integrate your email with Zendesk Sell you'll be able to go to the Communications Center and interact with the email that has been pulled in. This is avaliable in four sections, Inbox, Untracked Email, Sent and Archived.



Your Inbox is going to show your new emails attached to Contacts within Sell while the Untracked Emails section will show emails that you've received from Contacts that have not yet been added to your Sell account. From here you're able to choose if you would like to add them as Lead, Contact or ignore this email address within Sell. 

The Sent tab of the Communications Center will show you emails that have been sent from Sell or emails that have been sent outside of Sell using an external email program. From this page you can view when the email was sent from Sell, whether or not the email has been viewed and the number of times it has been viewed. The Archived tab will show you emails you've archived within Sell. 

Checking the box next to any email will bring up a secondary menu in the top navigation bar in your email view. From here you can mark as read, mark as unread or archive. You can also use the search function in the inbox to find a particular email. 

If you directly click on any email in your inbox you'll be taken to that persons Contact card where you'll see the email in the activity on their card.