Export My Sales Pipelines


If you want to know what your Sales Pipeline looked like at a particular point in time, we've got you covered with numerous Export options! Export your sales pipeline from either the Total Sales Report or your Export Settings.


Export Settings:  Export a Snapshot of your historical Sales Pipeline

To generate an Export of your Sales Pipeline, one option is to head over to your account's Export Settings

Note: You'll need to be an Admin on your account to view this

You'll see two options at the top of this page - Full Account Export and Sales Pipeline Export.


Full Account Export will allow you to export all of your data (Leads, Contacts, Deals, Notes, Tasks, Documents) as it currently stands within your account to CSV form. 

Using the Sales Pipeline Export option will allow you to see exactly what your Deals looked like on a particular date.


Simply select a date and hit the Export button and hey presto! You'll receive a CSV file of how everything in your Sales Pipeline looked on that day. 

Note: This is currently available for Enterprise users only



Export: Total Sales Report

To Export your historical Sales Pipeline navigate to your Total Sales Report, located under the Reports tab. You'll only be able to Export your Total Sales Report in Table/Grid View. Once you move from Graph View to Table View of this Report, select the option to Export




Once your Export is ready to download, you'll receive a notification alerting your the your Export has been complete! Your Export file can be found under your Export Settings.

For more information on other Export options in Zendesk Sell, don't hesitate to check out our other Exporting help guides. If you haven't checked out our help guide for the Total Sales Report, click here more information!