Exporting sales pipelines

all Sell plans

If you want to know what your sales pipeline looked like at a particular point in time, you can export your sales pipeline from either the Total Sales Report or from Export Settings.

This feature is available for Enterprise and Elite plans only.

Export a snapshot of your historical sales pipeline

To generate an export of your Sales Pipeline, go to Settings > Export Settings.

You need to be an admin to view this page.

You'll see two options on this page: Account Export and Sales Pipeline Export.


Account Export exports all your account data (Leads, Contacts, Deals, Notes, Tasks, Documents) in CSV format. 

The Sales Pipeline Export option shows a snapshot of your sales pipeline, so you can see what your deals looked like on a particular date.


Select a date and click the Export button. You'll receive a CSV file of your sales pipeline for that day. 

Export a Total Sales Report

To export your historical sales pipeline, go to your Total Sales Report, located under the Reports tab. You'll only be able to export your Total Sales Report in Table/Grid View. Select the option to Export.



When your export is ready to download, you'll receive a notification. Your export file can be found in Export Settings.

For more information on other export options in Zendesk Sell, see the other exporting help guides, and the Total Sales Report guide.