How Can I Customize my Email Signature settings?

To get started with customizing your email signature in Zendesk Sell, you'll first want to make sure you've connected your email account to Sell. If you haven't done so, check out this guide for instructions on how to integrate your email.

Once your email is integrated into Sell, set up your email signature under Settings > Email.

Formatting Text

The Email Signature editor provides four text formatting options: bold text, italics text, underline text, and bulleted list text.



To include hyperlinks in your Email Signature, start by copying the URL you'd like to redirect your Leads and Contacts to. Click on the hyperlink icon, paste your URL, and click Insert. Viola!


Adding an Image

To embed an image in your Email Signature, we'll need a publicly hosted link to your image. Add images in your Email Signature, such as your company logo, by clicking on the image icon then pasting the link/URL to your publicly hosted image. 

If you don't have a publicly hosted link for the image you'd like to add to your signature, quickly create a link under your Calendar Settings in Sell. In Calendar Settings, upload the image you'd like to include in your email signature to the Invitation Email Logo option.


Then right-click the image and select "Copy Image Address".



After that, head to the "Email" section in Settings. Click on the image icon and paste the image address, then select Insert.



Your image should now show in the Email Signature box, just click Save and you're all set!