Smart Links

The Zendesk Sell 'Smart Link' functionality allows you to access third party applications and urls to acquire desired information. This advanced functionality gives you the benefit of integrating content from other sites with just a single click. You will be able to access your external information directly from Leads/Contact and Deal page, either in a new browser tab or within the Sell interface. 
To get started with Sell Smart Links head over to the Settings Page. From the Customize section of the Settings page, you can add and Smart Links to your account by clicking on Leads, Contacts or Deals on the left, clicking the Smart Links Tab then click on the +Create Smart Link button
If you need to direct your sales rep to a specific page or a record in a different system, you can customize a URL with parameters. 
You can access your Smart Links any time you want directly from your Lead, Contact or Deal card. In the top right corner click 'More Options' and select your desired application. Smart Links support adds the option to store dynamic links and display pages within the Sell interface and can be treated as an extension of Sell's functionally for each client.