Integrations Overview

Zendesk Sell offers a number of integrations to help connect multiple platforms together and manage your data. Below is a list of our current integrations, as well as links for more information on how to set each integration up.

Quote Roller (now PandaDoc)

Easily create quotes from Won Deals in Sell.

(*Note: Quote Roller is now Panda Docs and not signing up any new users.  This integration will only work for existing Quote Roller accounts. )

Google Drive

Enable Google Drive integration to store your Google Drive files with deals. When you add the Google Drive integration in Sell, you're able to create folders for specific deals and store your relevant file with the deal.


Similar to Google Drive, Sell will integrate with your Dropbox and allow you to upload files (.doc, .pdf, .jpg, etc.) and connect them with a deal in Sell. 


Our MailChimp integration allows you to subscribe contacts from your Sell contact list to one of your MailChimp mailing lists. This lets you set up automated email campaigns for your Sell contacts.


Xero is an account software that lets you create invoices. Our integration with Xero makes it easy to automatically create an invoice from a Won Deal in Sell. Also. When enabling your integration, we will import your Xero Contacts over to your Sell account.


If you have a business page for your company, you can add a lead capture form to your page to collect leads and have them funneled into your sales pipeline automatically.




The Google integration can sync your Google contacts and tasks with Sell.

When you connect your Sell account with your Google Contacts, Sell will automatically pull in your Google contacts.

When you connect your Sell account with your Google Tasks, Sell will automatically create a Zendesk Sell calendar in your Google account and push all your tasks for deals and contacts. 



Harvest is a time tracking tool. After a Deal is Won, you can automatically create a project in Harvest.

Exchange Contacts

Integrate Sell with Microsoft Exchange for automatic, two-way syncing of your Contacts  


Connecting Zendesk Sell with HubSpot allows sales and marketing teams to work together to identify the best leads and ensure that everyone is getting the information they need.


Connecting to Zendesk will allow you and your team to see the complete picture when it comes to your customers in Sell.