Save Smart Lists

Saved Smart Lists

No need to undo all of your hard work to create a new Smart List. Once you've got it perfected - save it, and create a new one!

You can create a new Smart List by clicking on the Actions button at the top of the page.

This will create a fresh Smart List draft for you to work on. You can name this whatever you'd like by clicking the Actions button once more. You'll also be prompted for a name when you save your new list for the first time.

You can then add columns and sort as you normally would. Every change you make is automatically saved as a draft, and will be visible the next time you pull up the account.

Pro Tip: Use our moving date range filter to automatically select information within a given range of time. If you'd like your Smart List to always show you information filtered for the current month, choose the This Month option in the date filter.

Once you're done making changes, hit the green save button.

Et voila, you're all set! You can then swap between smart lists from the selector at the top of the page. Any Smart List that is saved will sync up with your mobile apps as well!

Note: You'll need to be on the latest version of Base's iOS and Android apps.