Leads, Contacts, and Deals In Zendesk Sell

Leads, Contacts, and Deals are the 3 most important Objects in Sell for you to successfully run your business.



Note: Moving from Lead to Contact to Deal follows the progression and qualification of a Prospect from initial conversation through becoming a Customer.

What is a Lead?


A Lead is a Person or Company that has never before worked with your organization. You may use a Lead card to store relevant information about People or Companies you are prospecting to determine if there is business potential. In a typical Sales process, a Lead becomes a Lead in Zendesk Sell after it has been qualified by Marketing (MQL) but before it has been qualified by Sales (SQL).

It may enter Sell automatically from a web form, come in from a Marketing Automation system, be entered manually by a Rep, or imported in bulk.

You can find your Leads in Sell by clicking here:


Once your team has qualified the Lead, it should become a Contact and a Deal. Lead conversion in Sell is designed to be one way; once a Lead is converted into a Contact, there should be no need to revert this. Converting a Lead to a Contact will be the primary method for keeping unqualified sales prospects out of your Contacts and Sales Pipeline.

What is a Contact?


A Contact in Sell is defined as a person or company that you have qualified or have done business with in the past. A Lead is typically qualified when they have demonstrated in some way that they are a good fit to do business with you, and have a potential interest in becoming a Customer. Once a Lead is converted, to a Contact, it should always remain as a Contact.

What is a Deal?

A Deal is a sales opportunity you've identified and are managing through your Sales Pipeline. The Sales Pipeline represents the key milestones in your Sales process that each opportunity typically passes through. It makes it easy for your Sales team to stay organized in where each deal is at, and for management to easily manage the progress of your Sales and Sales team.

As a Deal progresses through the pipeline, it will begin in the first stage and move from Left to Right, through all remaining stages until reaching one of the 3 Closed Stages: Won, Lost, or Unqualified.

NOTE: As a Sell Administrator, you can add or remove active Deal stages to match your business and sales process. You are also able to edit the name of the 3 closed stages (Won, Unqualified, Lost) to match your business nomenclature.