What are Leads, Contacts and Deals in Base?

What are Leads?

A Lead is a Person, Company, or business opportunity that hasn't yet been qualified for your sales pipeline. Typically, these are contacts you make from networking, at tradeshows, seminars, ads and purchased lists (among many other places). Leads typically become a Contact once you’ve identified more specifics around what product or service they’re interested in, qualifying them to enter the first stage of your Sales Pipeline.

What are Contacts?

A Contact in Base is defined as a person or company that you've qualified for a sale or have done business with in the past. Contacts will remain as Contacts once they’ve been converted from Leads, so you will want to be sure this Contact has demonstrated a qualifying event. A few examples of qualifying events include completing a presentation or having a conversation with a key stakeholder, indicating they’re ready for the first step of the sales process.

When do I convert a Lead to a Contact?

Lead conversion in Base is designed to be one way; once a Lead is converted into a Contact, there should be no need to go back. Converting a Lead to a Contact is the first step of your sales process and will be the primary method for keeping unqualified sales prospects out of your Contacts and sales pipeline.


Pro Tip: A common practice is to simultaneously create a Deal when converting your Leads to Contacts. Converting a Lead to a Contact indicates your Lead is ready to enter the Sales Pipeline, so we suggest creating a Deal as well.


What are Deals?


A Deal is a sales opportunity you've identified through one of your Contacts or Leads. The sales pipeline will allow you to move your Deals through a series of stages that make up your sales process. As a Deal progresses through the pipeline, it will begin in the first stage and move through all remaining stages until reaching one of the 3 Closed Stages: Won, Lost, or Unqualified.


NOTE: You can create and customize all of your Deal Stages except the 3 Closed Stages: Won, Lost, and Unqualified. These stages will always function as they’re labeled so you will want to leave these stages as is.