Exchange Calendar Beta

Looking to sync your Exchange Calendar with Zendesk Sell? Our Exchange Calendar Integration (beta) lets you sync Appointments between Sell and Exchange. Reach out to our Support Team to enable this option for your team!


To enable the Exchange Calendar Integration, navigate to your Calendar Settings in Sell! 


Select "+Add Exchange Calendar", then enter in your Exchange Login details.


You can then select which calendar you'd like to pull in. 

Note: You can also choose to bring in any shared colleagues calendars by entering in their emails. 


You're all done! The sync will begin immediately, and appointments will start flowing into Sell. 

For reference, here's what Exchange calendar looks like online. 



Q: Are there any Exchange requirements to sync Appointments with Zendesk Sell?

A: EWS (Exchange Web Services) must be enabled in Exchange!

Q: I've connected the integration and my Exchange Appointments are syncing to Sell, but why are the Appointments I create in Sell not syncing to Exchange?

A: Check that your Default Calendar is set to your Exchange Calendar, not 'Sell Calendar'. This option essentially tells Sell where to sync Appointments to. More info here!