The Communication Smart List

Creating a communication Smart List is an easy way to stay on top of your communication with your Leads, Contacts, and Deals. The new "My Communication" Smart List filter options will allow you to see at a glance how many days you've been waiting for a reply, who you haven't yet reached out to, and when you'd last spoken with your Leads or Contacts. These can be set up on existing Smart Lists within your account, or created on brand new ones. 

How do I set up Communication filters on my Smart Lists? 

Start by choosing an existing Smart List, or creating a new one for your Leads, Contacts, or Deals. For more information on creating a Smart List, click here

You'll find your new filter options under the Add Column button, similar to where you'd find any default or Custom Fields you wanted to view. These will be labeled "My Communication."

You'll have a few options to select from here: 

  • Days Since Last Communication: Shows you the number of days since you sent or received an email, call, or text from your contact
  • Days Awaiting Contact Response: Shows the number of days since you sent a contact an email or text, or placed a call, without a reply from the contact
  • Days Awaiting Your Response: Shows the number of days since your client sent you an email or text, or placed a phone call to you without a reply from you 

You can also choose to be more granular in the information you're looking for by selecting from the Incoming and Outgoing filter options. These will let you see the days since the last email, call, or text from a contact under Incoming, along with the last email, call, or text to a contact under Outgoing. 

Your Outgoing filter will also allow you to see exactly how many calls, emails, or texts you've sent to a contact that have gone without a response. 

The last option, Email Effectiveness, will allow you to see the number of times the last email you sent to a contact was viewed, as well as the number of times any links in that email were clicked. 

Once you're done adding the filters you'd like to your Smart List, you're free to sort and filter on them just as you would any other column! 

Pro Tips

Trying to reach out to new prospects? Use the Days Since Last Communication column in a Smart List and sort by it to easily find the people you haven't yet talked out to. This will also help you to find the people who you haven't talked to in a very long while - no time like the present to get back in touch!

Worried you've missed replying to someone? Add and sort by the Days Awaiting Your Response column to see who needs a reply from you the most. 

Use the Days Awaiting Lead Response, Email without Lead Reply, Calls without Lead Reply, and Texts Without Lead Reply columns to get a feel for what cadence you should be using with your prospects. 

You can also measure the effectiveness of your last email by adding the Views of Last Email and Clicks in Last Email columns. Add Days Awaiting Lead Response to find the highly engaged prospects who haven't yet replied. 



Q: Will I see everyone on my account's communication on this list? 

A: No - all of the communication filters work based off of your own communication. If your colleague or subordinate places a call to a contact, your filters will not update until you yourself place a call to that contact. 

Q: Will email filters work on emails sent outside of Base? 

A: Yes! Any email visible within Base, whether sent through Base or your own email client, will update the communication filters in your Smart Lists.