Smart Links for Leads, Contacts and Deals

Smart Links let you quickly access other applications or webpages with just a single click from your Zendesk Sell account. If you have any order tracking or 3rd party internal systems that function off a unique URL ID, you can use Smart Links to dynamically link to them directly from your Leads, Contacts, and Deals within Sell.

Note: Smart links are available on both the web and mobile app, but must be setup from Sell web settings.


Creating & Using Smart Links

To help better understand Smart Links and how they work, let's walkthrough an example together. Note that you can create Smart Links for Leads, Contacts, and Deals but this example will be specific to creating a new Contact Smart Link.

We'll use YouTube as the 3rd party application in this example, and we'll add a Smart Link to a Contact. Each YouTube video has a unique identifier at the end of its URL.


In order to open up a Contact's YouTube video directly from their Contact Card, you would start by grabbing that unique identifier - dQw4w9WgXcQ.

You'll want to create a custom field specifically for this unique identifier. In this case, we've stored it within a Custom Field labeled "YouTube video". Go ahead and store that identifier in a Custom Field on your Contact Card.

Note: The Custom Field used for storing an unique identifie should be of the "Single Line Text" type.

Tip: More information on Custom Fields can be found in this support article.


Smart Link Settings

Next, head over to your Contact Settings in Sell and select Smart Links, or click here.

Click "Add Smart Link" to begin setting up your new link. You'll assign a name for the Smart Link - in this case, we'll name it "YouTube".

You'll then need to enter in the URL for YouTube, similar to the one we've shown above, minus the unique identifier. Here's how it will look like.


At the end of the URL, click on the Insert merge tag button to add the Custom Field that you've used to store the unique identifier.


Choose whether you'd like the link to open within Sell, or in a new window, and you're all set! Hit Save to complete setup.

Now, from any Contact record in Sell simply click the "Smart Links" button to quickly open your preferred smart link in a new tab. Note: the contact must have a value filled into the custom field that corresponds with the smart link merge tag.


Smart Links on Mobile

Leverage Smart Links from your Sell mobile app (iOS or Android) to quickly jump to other apps or webpages on your mobile device, all with a single click from Sell.


Note: In order to access Smart Links on your mobile device, you'll need a recent version of the Sell mobile app: iOS 4.6.0 (or later), Android 5.6.1 (or later)