Multiple Sales Pipelines


Multiple Sales Pipelines are available on our Enterprise Plan. For more information on our Plans and Pricing, click here.

Your Base account will come with one Sales Pipeline by default. In order to track multiple unique sales processes, you can create as many new Pipelines as you’d like within your Base account.

Start by navigating to:



3.Select "Add new pipeline"


You’ll be prompted to create a name for your new Pipeline.


Once you’ve chosen a name, hit "Save" to continue. You’ll then be able to customize the stages within the new pipeline by hovering your mouse over them to click their respective edit buttons. You can also add as many stages as you’d like before your Closed stages!  


After you complete customizing your pipeline, be sure to click on the “User” tab, then select "Assign users" to assign users to this particular pipeline.


Users you add to your Pipeline will be able to create Deals within that Pipeline. Any user not added here will not be able to create a Deal within this Pipeline.


Note: This does not affect the permission settings for the users you add. If a User has access to only their own Deals, granting them access to a Pipeline will allow them to create and view only their own Deals within it. They will not be able to see other team member’s Deals within that Pipeline unless their permissions settings are altered. For more information on user permissions, click here

Congrats! You’ve just completed setting up your first additional Sales Pipeline. Feel free to create more, or get right into using that Pipeline to sell more!

For more information on Multiple Sales Pipelines, click here for our FAQ