Multiple Sales Pipelines FAQ

Check out some commonly asked questions about Multiple Sales Pipelines here. For more information on setting Multiple Sales Pipelines, click here


Q: Which plan are Multiple Sales Pipelines available on? 

A: You can create as many sales pipelines as you'd like on our Enterprise Plan. 


Q: Does adding a user to a Sales Pipeline grant them access to view all of the Deals within it?

A: Adding a user to a Sales Pipeline will allow them to create Deals within it. Adding a user to a Sales Pipeline does not alter their existing permissions settings on visibility of other Deals.

If a user is limited to seeing their own Deals, for example, they’ll only be able to view and create Deals they own within any Pipelines they’re added to.

If a user’s permissions grant them access to all Deals, they’ll be able to view all Deals within all Pipelines regardless of being added to them.


Q: Can I move a Deal from one Pipeline to another?

A: Absolutely - with a few caveats. You can choose to move a Deal from one Pipeline to another by clicking Edit on it, or by selecting a Stage from another pipeline to place it into.

That said, a Deal’s history within your reports will be lost when it is moved to a different Pipeline. The reporting section of your Base account will always display statistics for Deals within their current Pipelines. It will not track their history.

For example, if you were to move a Deal from the Won stage of Pipeline A to the Won stage of Pipeline B, Pipeline A’s reporting would lose that corresponding value, and Pipeline B would gain it.


Q: Will I need to create a Smart List for each Pipeline?

A: Not unless you want to! Smart Lists can be configured to show all Deals within all Pipelines, and filter across them by any filtering criteria you select.


Q: Will Automated Actions work on multiple Pipelines?

A: Yes - you can configure which Pipelines an Action fires on from your Automated Action settings page.