Utilizing Activity Reports

Activity Reports are available with the Enterprise 2018 and Elite 2018 Plans

Activity Reports are a great way to view a breakdown of the activity being performed in your account. A few examples include Tasks completed, Appointments held, Emails sent, and Calls made by your users.

There are 4 activity reports available:

  1. Activity Overview
  2. Call Outcomes
  3. Email Outcomes
  4. Visit Outcomes


What Rep Activity is Tracked in the Activity Overview Report?

This report provides a complete overview of team or individual activity that includes a breakdown of:

  • Calls Made
  • Emails Sent
  • Appointments Held
  • Tasks Completed
  • Notes Taken
  • Text Messages Sent
  • Visits
Note: Tasks Completed will only include the Tasks that have been completed when associated to a Lead or Contact. If the Task is not assigned to a Lead or Contact, it will not count toward the Activity Reports.



 You have the option to filter this report to get a more specific breakdown around a particular activity. For example, I can filter the activity report to compare all calls that have been made by all users in a given period of time. To filter by a specific activity:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab
  2. Select Activity Reports
  3. Select Activity Overview
  4. At the bottom of your page, you’ll find a color key that corresponds with all activities tracked in the report
  5. Click on the check mark located next to the specific activity you’re looking to filter

The filters applicable to this report include:

  • Sales Reps / Sales Teams
  • Activity Type
  • Date Range and Intervals
  • Record Type


How do I use the Call Outcomes Report?

This report will show you a breakdown of how many calls your users have made, as well as the corresponding outcome of the call. To get the most out this report, you will want to be sure to log call outcomes after each call has ended. Call Outcomes can be created and customized by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu
  2. Select Voice and Text
  3. Select Call Outcomes
  4. Add a call outcome by selecting +Add Call Outcome or edit an existing call outcome by select Edit

 The Call Outcomes Report is designed to show you trends around calls being made by your users and the outcome of these calls. You can add filters to this report to get a more specific breakdown of the information you need, these filters include:

  • Sales Reps / Sales Teams
  • Date Range and Intervals
  • Record Type



How do I use the Email Outcomes Report?

This report allows you to track and compare email communication for teams and individual reps. This report specifically shows a breakdown of the number of emails your reps are sending, while comparing the number of emails that have been replied to versus those that have not yet received a reply.


NOTE: You will need to integrate your email with Zendesk Sell in order to view reporting data involving Email Outcomes. If you haven’t integrated your email in Sell, here's a link that explains how to get setup: How do I Connect my Email?

Like the Call Outcomes Report, you can filter the Email Outcomes Report by:

  • Sales Reps / Sales Teams
  • Date Range and Intervals
  • Record Type