HubSpot Integration

Note: This integration is currently available with our Advanced Snap add-on and can be enabled if you have Hubspot Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Plans. Click here for our Plans & Pricing and here for Hubspot's Plans & Pricing.


Get started by heading over to your Integration Settings in Base and select "Enable" to start syncing with Hubspot!


Why should you integrate HubSpot with Base? 

Connecting Base with HubSpot allows sales and marketing teams to work together to identify the best leads and ensure that everyone is getting the information they need. Both sales and marketing teams can be held accountable when Base and HubSpot are properly integrated

Here are the key benefits of integrating Base with HubSpot:

  • Sourcing new leads. HubSpot integration provides a seamless, automatic way of sourcing new leads that have a higher chance of being converted. These MQLs, or Marketing Qualified Leads, have engaged with your marketing material and shown interest. As soon as a HubSpot contact meets the criteria you’ve set in your MQL list, that lead will automatically be sourced into Base. Your BDRs can reach out instantly.


  • Two-way sync. There should be an open dialogue between those who are sourcing your leads, and those who are converting them into customers. Base ensures that your communication is updated in near real-time, giving you a thorough look into any contact’s engagement. All contact details are automatically synchronized across Base and HubSpot, so the data you see is always accurate.


  • Up-to-date activity feeds. The lead and contact activity feeds in Base will stay updated as your leads engage with various marketing campaigns. As such, sales reps will know exactly what content a contact has accessed, which emails they received, and how interested they are to move forward. By leveraging this information, your sales reps will be able to create the customized sales pitches they need to move leads through the pipeline.


  • Easily send contacts or leads to HubSpot. Anyone in marketing knows that online content marketing isn’t the only lead source. You may have inbound leads coming in from offline sources, or outbound leads who haven’t necessarily gone through your marketing team. Base provides this solution, allowing you to easily push any lead or contact in Base to HubSpot.


  • Update statuses accordingly. Set the latest status of a lead or contact in HubSpot, the minute their status changes in Base. Any time a lead turns into a Prospect or Customer, you will see these changes reflected in HubSpot. This gives your marketing team new insights into their reporting and the power to improve their effectiveness.


  • Measure marketing effectiveness. Base syncs all original source data from HubSpot to the lead source field in Base so you can easily filter existing Base reports, like the Funnel Report, by source. By understanding which sources are yielding the most opportunities you can proactively work to enhance your sales processes.

For more information, check out this FAQ!