Zendesk Integration - Sync Tickets to Sell

View Zendesk Support Tickets on your Contacts and Deals in Sell with our native integration with the customer service platform - Zendesk Support. This integration is currently available on all Sell Plans. 

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1. Why Integrate Sell with Zendesk? 

2. How does the Zendesk Integration Work?

3. How to Enable the Zendesk Integration?

4. How do the Tickets sync?

5. FAQ


Why integrate Sell with Zendesk Support?

Connecting to Zendesk Support will allow you and your team to see the complete picture when it comes to your customers in Sell. You'll be able to see the history of Support correspondence from your Contacts when you click on them - we'll even call out currently open tickets to give you the most relevant information and increase the odds of closing and renewing your Deals.




How does the Zendesk integration work?

Connecting Sell to Support will provide a one-way sync of your support tickets into Sell. The tickets will be displayed in 3 ways in your Sell Account. 

1. Activity Feed: If a Contact in Sell has a ticket in Zendesk, you’ll see that ticket displayed on the Contact’s activity feed (if the ticket is currently open, it will also be shown on the right side of the Contact in a box labeled “Tickets”).


2. Active Deal: If a Contact has a currently active Deal, their open tickets will appear there as well!

3. Smart List: Once the integration is active, you’ll also see a new option called “Total Open Tickets" appear for your Contact and Deal Smart Lists. You’ll be able to filter and sort on that column similar to other Smart List options, allowing you to easily see which of your customers have written into Support the most. 



How to Enable the Zendesk integration?

Start by heading over to your account’s Settings page. Click into Sell's Integration settings page, then scroll until you find the Zendesk option.

Note: You’ll need to be an admin in both Sell and Zendesk in order to set this integration up.


Clicking "Enable" will prompt you to log into your Zendesk account. Be sure to log into an admin Zendesk account in order to sync all of your tickets. 




You’ll then be automatically directed back to Sell. The integration is now live and will automatically start syncing ticket information to Sell.

Depending on the amount of information you have in your Sell and Zendesk accounts, this could take up to several hours. You can check back on the integration “Status” page to see progress, and you’ll receive a notification as soon as it’s done.


How do the Tickets sync? 

You are probably wondering, how will the tickets appear on the correct Contact page?   

Tickets will sync if the Contact email in Sell matches the Requester email in Support.


A couple of things to note:

  • Email must be an exact match.
  • Tickets will only sync based on the primary email field. Custom email fields will not apply. 
Tip: We know that name misspellings can happen!  Therefore only the Email Address needs to match for the ticket in Zendesk Support to be displayed in Zendesk Sell.

Example: Let's say your Support Team has a customer named "Jane Ramirez" with an email address "" Given this profile in Support, would this ticket match with a Zendesk Sell Contact with the following information:

Zendesk Sell Contact Information:   Does the Name Match? Does the Email Match?  Will the Ticket be Displayed? 

Name: Jane Ramirez


  yes  yes yes

Name: Jane Ramirez


  yes no




Name: Jane Ramrez










Name: John Smith


  no yes



(email is a match)

Name: Kate Smith


   no no no

Name: Kate Smith


   no no no
Tip: As of October 15, 2019, we have updated our ticket syncing logic. Previously, tickets were matched to Sell if the Email Address or Name matched. All accounts were updated with the new logic (email address only) and historic tickets re-synced to be consistent with this logic. Please reach out to if you have any questions about this update!



Which Sell plan is the Zendesk Integration available on?

This integration is currently available on all Sell plans. 

Do I need to be on a specific Zendesk plan to use this integration?

You'll need to be on Zendesk Support's Professional Plan or higher to enable the Zendesk Integration. Check out Zendesk's Plans & Pricing here.

How often does Sell sync with Zendesk?

Sell will sync once every 15 minutes with Zendesk.

What information about Zendesk tickets will I see in Sell?

Ticket Title, Requester, Owner, and Status will sync in from Zendesk’s default fields. Additionally, any custom Ticket properties defined in Zendesk will sync to Sell. You’ll also see status changes, public comments, and internal comments displayed within Sell.


Open tickets will be highlighted in a box on the right side of a Contact named “Tickets.” 


Tickets that are not currently open will be reflected in the activity feed of a Contact. 


When do I see tickets on Deals?

All open tickets for Associated Contacts are displayed on its Deal as soon as the Deal is created. You'll see them show up in the Activity feed, as well as the Tickets box on the right side of the Deal card. 



Questions? Reach out to us at and we'd be happy to help!