Zendesk Integration

If you're looking for more information and instructions on getting started with the Zendesk to Base Integration, keep reading! If you're looking for information on the Base App for Zendesk, click here.

Note: This integration is currently available on all plans as an Advanced platform add-on (snap). Click here for more information on our Plans and Pricing.


Why should I integrate Base with Zendesk?

Connecting to Zendesk will allow you and your team to see the complete picture when it comes to your customers in Base. You'll be able to see the history of Zendesk correspondence from your Contacts when you click on them - we'll even call out currently open tickets to give you the most relevant information and increase the odds of closing and renewing your Deals. 



How does the Zendesk integration work?

Connecting Base to Zendesk will provide a one-way sync of your support tickets into Base. If a Contact in Base has a ticket in Zendesk, you’ll see that ticket displayed on the Contact’s activity feed (if the ticket is currently open, it will also be shown on the right side of the Contact in a box labeled “Tickets”).



If a Contact has a currently active Deal, their open tickets will appear there as well!

Once the integration is active, you’ll also see a new option called “Total Open Tickets" appear for your Contact and Deal Smart Lists. You’ll be able to filter and sort on that column similar to other Smart List options, allowing you to easily see which of your customers have written into your Zendesk the most. 

Awesome! How do I turn on the Zendesk integration?

Start by heading over to your account’s Settings page. Note: You’ll need to be an admin in both Base and Zendesk in order to set this integration up.

Click into Base’s Integration settings page, then scroll until you find the Zendesk option.


Hitting Enable will prompt you to log into your Zendesk account. Be sure to log into an admin Zendesk account in order to sync all of your tickets. 




You’ll then be automatically directed back to Base. That’s it! The integration will automatically start syncing ticket information to Base.

Depending on the amount of information you have in your Base and Zendesk accounts, this could take up to several hours. You can check back on the integration “Status” page to see progress, and you’ll receive a notification as soon as it’s done.

Looking for more info? Check out our Zendesk FAQ, or reach out to us at support@getbase.com!