How to Set Visit Outcomes

If you have an outside sales team, you know that the Base mobile app can help keep your day organized. 

Visits in Base help your outside sales reps track canvassing progress by logging visit outcomes every time they approach a lead. Then, on the leads map, they can see which leads they have already visited and which need to be revisited. Moreover, Visits allow managers to more effectively overview and measure outside sales team’s door-to-door activities and outcomes.


To set visit outcomes, an admin must first 'Enable Visit' in the Lead settings. Once enabled, all users on the account can use the feature. 

Once you've enabled it, you will see the option to show visit outcomes on all logged visits. You can set different colors to represent the visit outcomes. This will give you an overview of the Leads you've visited in the area and what happened when you visited. 


Visits can only be logged on mobile. However, you can see logged visits and their outcomes on your Dashboard and Lead card.


Is there any reporting around Visit Outcomes?

Sure is! Gain insights into visits you've made over time using the Activity Reports, which is available on all plans as a Connect Add-On. Check out the Activity Overview Report for a quick snapshot of logged visits or use the Visit Outcomes Report to see a more specific breakdown of the visits users are making to their leads.


Lastly, in addition to the Leads and visits, you can also see Contact Prospects in the Lead maps view on your mobile app. Seeing Prospects in your Leads map view on mobile gives you access to possible referrals during your sales process, as well as clarity on current local potential Customers. If you win a Deal, you will see your current Customers listed on the map as well!