Leads Visits

For those of you looking to track data around visits you’ve made to your Leads, our Visits feature on the Base mobile app may be the solution you’re looking for!

Visits in Base help your outside sales reps track canvassing progress by logging visit outcomes every time they approach a lead. Then, on the leads map, they can see which leads they have already visited and which need to be revisited. Moreover, Visits allow managers to more effectively overview and measure outside sales team’s door-to-door activities and outcomes.


NOTE: Visits can only be logged on the mobile app but will need to be enabled on the web


What are Visits?

Whether your day is spent as an outside sales rep or only making occasional visits to your clients, logging Visits in Base will allow you to track Leads using geolocation and setting Visit Outcomes. When you log a visit in the app, you will be prompted to select a visit outcome to indicate how the visit went and keep your Leads organized.

What is a Visit Outcome?

After you’ve visited a Lead, you can log your visit in the mobile app and determine the outcome of the visit. Each outcome will correspond with a different color on the map view in the app to indicate how the visit went.

How do I log a visit?

Before you can log Visits on the mobile app, the Admin on the account will need to enable Visits on the web.

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Leads
  3. Select Visits
  4. Select Enable Visits



Now that you’ve enabled Visits, you’ll be able to start logging them on your mobile app.

  1. Navigate to Leads
  2. Select Map view
  3. Select a Lead on the map to log a visit




           4. Select Log a Visit

           5. Select a Visit Outcome




How do I create a customized Visit Outcome?

NOTE: You will only be able to customize and create additional Visit Outcomes on the web application

  1.   Navigate to Settings
  2.   Select Leads
  3.   Select Visits
  4.   Select +Add Visit Outcome
  5.   Enter your new Visit Outcome and assign a color


Any Reporting for Visits?

Activity Overview Report

See a breakdown of how many visits your reps have made in a given period of time, in comparison to one another. For more information on this report, check out this article.


Visit Outcomes Report

See a breakdown of the visits your reps have made and their outcomes. Notice trends around Visit Outcomes to understand prime times to visit your Leads in the future and make effective use of your time down the road!