New Industry Field

If you’ve been using Zendesk Sell, you’re likely to have found a field called “Industry” tucked away within the edit menus of your Leads and Contacts.

This field used to be hidden by default, and allowed for the addition of any value as an Industry. While it was allowed you to place in any Industry you wanted to, it didn’t enforce or restrict them, often times leaving you with too many choices to select from.

We’re happy to say that we’ve updated this field to be far more intelligent!

The new Industry field will now appear as a default option to fill out when you’re creating or editing your Leads and Contacts.

We’ll populate the Industry field with a list of the most common Industries used to get you started, but never fear - you can add and remove as many choices as you’d like to customize the Industry field to your liking. The field will function as a Dropdown, allowing you to define and restrict the options selectable by your reps.

Using this field will help you to categorize and better filter your Leads and Contacts. You’ll be able to see exactly how effective your sales are within certain Industries, and adjust your process accordingly!

If you’ve been using our default Industry field, your choices will automatically be moved over to the new and improved Industry field. No information will be lost in the transfer - each Lead and Contact with a value filled out in the old Industry field will still have that value present in the new field. For more information on editing or using our new and improved Industry field, click here.

If you’ve been using a Custom Field to store your Industry selections, please visit our Support Article, Batch Data Management, that details the steps on how to migrate your data!


Please reach out to with any additional questions.