Industry Field FAQ

Q: How do I edit the list of Industries within my account?

A: Navigate to your Settings page within Zendesk Sell to get started. Select Leads, Contacts, or Deals to find the Industry option, then click 'Edit' to being creating new choices. You can also click the trashcan to remove existing ones (similar to editing a dropdown custom field)

Q: If I’ve been using the old Industry Field, do I have to do anything to start using the new one? What happens to all of my old data?

A: We’ll try to automatically move all of your old selections over to the new Industry field. That said, definitely reach out to Support if you have any questions - we’d be happy to help assist in migrating your choices over to the new field.

Q: I’ve been using a separate Custom Field to store all of my Industry selections. What do I do?

A: No worries! Reach out to Support and we can assist in moving those values over to the new field.

Curious about what changed with the Industry Field? Check out this Announcement page!