Utilizing the Email Integration


Send and receive emails directly from within Zendesk Sell to instantly enhance your insights and track communication with prospects and customers. The Email Integration is available on all plans and if you haven't already integrated your email in Sell, check out this helpful guide for instructions


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Why Would I Want to Integrate my Email in Zendesk Sell?

What's cool about Sell is that almost every action you take is tracked and used toward providing an insight to help you sell more. Ideally, we'd want everyone to live in Sell to email, call and manage everything sales to get the most valuable insights but here are the key reasons why you definitely want to be sending emails through Sell:

  • see the number of times a Lead or Prospect has opened your email
  • include a link in your email and see the number of times it's been clicked on
  • get notified with an alert as soon as your email is first viewed
  • pull dynamic email Reports to drill down on "Days Since Last Communication", "Emails without Lead Response", "Last Outgoing Email", and more in Smart Lists
  • identify Deals at risk with email sentiment analysis
  • send personalized, targeted email blasts


I Just Integrated My Email, Now What?

Haven't integrated your email yet? Check out this help guide for step-by-step instructions.

Make sure your Leads and Contacts in Zendesk Sell have an email address! Otherwise, emails won't sync to Sell. When you enable the email integration, we're essentially mirroring emails from your email server into Sell - we sync emails to corresponding Leads and Contacts based on the email address stored on the record. 

You can view emails on the Lead, Contact, or Deal it's associated with as well as within your Communication Center! 

If you have correspondence with someone you'd like to add to Sell, you can quickly create them as a Lead or Contact right from the Untracked Emails tab located within your Communication Center. 



Sending Emails From Zendesk Sell

Individually - If you're just sending a single email, you can reach out directly from the Lead, Contact, or Deal card.



Bulk - If you're sending an email blast, start by creating a list of Leads, Contacts, or Deals then select a group or select all to send a bulk email. Add Merge Tags to the email to make it more personal!



Viewing my Inbox (or "My Communication Center")


Inbox - Keep in mind that not every email will sync to Sell - we'll try to keep the email communication pertinent to business emails, specifically those relating to your Leads and Contacts. When accessing your Inbox in the Communication Center, you'll see emails received only from Leads or Contacts in Sell. This prevents us from clouding your view with unrelated emails so you can focus on email communication pertinent to sales and what matters most.


Untracked Emails Use the Untracked Emails tab to quickly add people you have correspondence with who aren't yet created as a Lead or Contact in Sell.


Sent See both emails you've sent from as well as outside of Sell. Emails sent from Sell will display tracking icons to show the number of times your email has been viewed and those sent from your email client or server will indicate "Sent outside of Sell". For more info on sending emails through Sell, click here.


Archived Emails that are not pertinent or no longer relevant can be archived in 
Sell. If emails are archived in your email client outside of Sell, these should automatically get archived in Sell as well. Keep in mind that if you archive an email in Sell, this cannot be unarchived.




Email Accessories

Once you have a handle on how the integration works, take advantage of these features to increase productivity and fine-tune your email communication with prospects and customers.

Email Templates - Create custom Templates to reuse awesome emails you've written to boost your productivity when reaching out to Leads, Contacts, and Deals.

Merge TagsPersonalize email blasts with Merge Tags that populate contact information unique to each Lead, Contact, or Deal (i.e. such as a Lead's first name).


Email Visibility with my TeamControl whether team members can view your direct email communication with Leads, Contacts, or Deals.

Email SignatureCustomize your email signature, with the option of including an image of your company logo.



"Emails Seem to be Missing" - Trouble finding an email in Sell? Let's find out what happened.

"When I try to Integrate, I keep Getting an Error" - Use our troubleshooting guide here.



Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to integrate my email in Sell?

  1. A valid 3rd party SSL certificate (or TLS). Don't have an SSL certificate? Check out SSL reviews here.
  2. IMAP and SMTP settings. If you have a different protocol enabled (i.e. POP) you'll still need to enable IMAP and SMTP to integrate your email in Sell.

Common email hosts, like Gmail, meet our requirements and seamlessly connect to Sell.

What if I don't have SMTP or IMAP? 

You must have IMAP and SMTP settings enabled in order to integrate your email in Sell. If you're using a different protocol, such as POP instead of IMAP, you'll still need to enable IMAP. If you're unsure of where to find these settings, try checking your email server settings or reaching out to your email service provider.

Why aren't my emails displaying on a lead/contact?

There may be a duplicate and emails are syncing to the oldest record in the system or you may have the incorrect email address stored in Sell, but check out our troubleshooting guide to find out!

Can I integrate more than one email address?

No, each user can integrate one email in Sell. You can push individual emails from another email using the BCC address on the contact card. Check out our help guide on the Email BCC Contact Dropbox.