Zendesk Sell Reach Overview

  •  What is Reach?
  • How Can Reach Help Me Sell More?
  • Let’s Go! Where Can I Sign Up?
  • Pricing & Credits
  • How to Use Reach
  • FAQ

What is Reach?

Zendesk Sell helps you work prospects and win deals while managing a bunch moving parts in between. Where you get these prospects from is a different story, but what if it wasn’t? We’ve got good news.
The Zendesk Team is excited about our latest release, Reach - the built-in Lead Provider to funnel new quality Leads right into your Sales Pipeline or enrich existing Leads in Sell with a full contact profile to save you hours of research and prospecting so you can focus on closing deals. 

How Can Reach Help Me Sell More?

With the click of a button we do the whole research and data entry thing for you, so you can jump right to the important stuff like getting in touch with prospects - all without leaving Sell.
Improve rep efficiency by skipping the steps to research, find prospects, then import them to Sell while accumulating better quality data to instantly bring more value to Reports. Say goodbye to wasted time on manual work and say hello to way more time to actually sell. Reach has two different approaches depending on what you need. 
  • Prospecting  - Use Reach to Prospect if you have an idea of who you want to get in touch with or if you’re looking to generate a targeted list of new Leads

  • Enrichment - Say you have an exact idea of who you need to get in touch with, now what? Use Reach to Enrich - immediately build a fuller profile on their Lead or Contact card in Sell or replace outdated info with a relevant, up-to-date profile 

Let’s Go! Where Can I Sign Up?

Any Admin on the account can purchase credits to start using Reach at any time, just head over to Plans & Pricing. Settings > Plans & Pricing > Change Plan
The prices differ slightly based on monthly vs. annual billing cycles. You'll save from signing up on the annual billing cycle.
You’ll upgrade your package to include the Reach Add-On.
For our folks on trial, Reach is not currently available but as soon as you activate a subscription you can gain access to Reach!

Pricing & Credits


We grant you a certain number of Prospecting Credits and Enrichment Credits - the higher the plan, the more credits to get new Lead data and enrich existing Leads. 
It’s simple.
Prospect or Enrich 1 Company = use 1 credit
Prospect or Enrich 1 Person = use 1 credit


We have 3 different tiers depending on how much Lead generation your team is looking to funnel automatically into Sell

Credit Allocation

Reach credits will be purchased on an account basis, so you’ll upgrade all users to gain access to Reach. We give you control over how these Reach credits are allocated across the users on your account. 
Admins can navigate to Settings > Reach > Credit Allocation
"Shared credit pool across the entire account" = all users can prospect or enrich with Reach
"Shared credit pool only for all Admins" = only Admins can prospect or enrich with Reach

How to Use Reach

Use Prospecting or Enrichment to generate new prospects or data around existing prospects in Sell.
  • Prospecting
    • Generate brand new Leads
    • Find more contacts at a company
    • Uncover more around existing Leads or Contacts
  • Enrichment
    • Build a full profile for Leads and Contacts
    • Update Leads or Contacts with most relevant data


Prospect vs Enrich

Let’s take an example, say you have a certain company in mind that you believe would be a good fit for your product or service. Use the Prospect option with Reach to uncover a point of contact you need to get in touch with or use the Enrich option to retrieve key details around the company that could influence buyer behavior, like company size or market capitalization. 


Admin Setup

Navigate to Settings > Reach

Field Mappings

Reach data must be mapped to a Sell field to sync into Sell. Reach will automatically funnel data that’s standard information like Email and Phone Number into corresponding fields in Sell. More unique information like Number of Company Employees” or Estimated Annual Revenue” will require you to match these Reach fields with Custom Fields in Sell. 
Settings > Reach > Field Mappings
Create a new Custom Field or map to an existing Custom Field. 

How to Prospect or Enrich - Get More Data for Leads or Contacts

The information you already know will determine whether you use a Prospecting credit or Enrichment credit.
Use Enrichment credit to generate more data for a Lead or Contact, if you know the:
  • Company Name & Website to Enrich Companies
  • Email Address to Enrich People
If you don’t know this information, you’ll use Prospecting credits to reach a fuller profile on their Lead or Contact card in Sell.
  • Prospect or Enrich Existing Leads or Contacts

        1. Navigate to the Lead or Contact in Sell
        2. Click Edit
        3. We’ll automatically search Reach for a match and populate any suggestions on the right side of the Edit screen - click Enrich or Prospect to get more data
  • Prospect or Enrich New Leads or Contacts

        1. Click Add
        2. Select Lead, Person Contact, or Company Contact 
        3. Add information in one of the Reach fields, like Company Name (indicated by the purple arrow icon) to see matches populate 

                           4. Select Prospect or Enrich depending on which Reach fields you manipulate                                 to add them to Sell


How to Prospect - Generate Brand New Leads

We find companies based on your Lead criteria and for those suggestions you like, we provide you with people to get in touch with. 
  1. Click on the global Add option 
  2. Select Prospect
Find Company Prospects
  1. Use the fields on the right side of your screen, like Industry or Job Title, to filter and define your Lead criteria - this is how we find Leads that are actually worth your time
  2. Reach will suggest 10 companies at a time. Scroll down and select Get 10 More” to grow your list
  3. Select a few or all companies in your list that you want to find prospects at, then click Find People”
Find People Prospects
  1. Next select which Prospects you want to add to Sell, then select Review Prospects”
    • utilize the sorting options to see more people
    • overwhelmed with a long list? use the filters on the right to find the people you need
Review & Import Reach Prospects
  1. Double check these companies and people are ones you’d like to import to Sell. Also see a quick snapshot of the total Prospecting + Enrichment Credits that’ll be used
  1. Good to Go? Click Import” 
    • once these are imported to Sell we’ll notify you - just click on the notification to instantly see a list of these new Reach Leads or Contacts ready to be worked in Sell

How to Prospect - Find More Prospects at a Company 

Search for specific companies you have in mind or that are already in Sell.
  1. Global Add
  2. Select Prospect 
  3. Use Find A Company” field to search for companies
  1. Select the companies you want to find prospects at, then click Find People”
  2. Select the people you want to add to Sell and select Review Prospects”
  3. Review and when ready, click Import” 


Q: Can I trial Reach to see what value it brings to my team before buying?
A: Reach is included as an Add-On so you’ll have to upgrade to explore this option. Upgrade to try Reach and generate new Leads and prospecting data directly into Sell
Q: Can I purchase Reach credits for just myself and not all users?
A: Reach credits are purchased on an account basis, so you’ll have to upgrade for all users. 
Happy Selling!