Providing identity verification for Sell Voice

all Sell plans

Due to local regulations, some phone numbers require a verified identity document confirming the address of residence, to prove that the residence corresponds with your phone number location.

  1. Go to Settings > Voice and Text.
  2. Select the verification tab and upload the required documents.



Identifying a business

If the end user is a business, they must provide a company identification document, for example, excerpts from the trade register, or a company's founding documents. This document must contain the company's registration address. In addition, the company must provide the company name and VAT code.

Identifying an individual

If the end user is an individual, they must provide valid, government-issued photo identification, for example, a passport, national ID card, or driver’s license. This document must contain the person's address.

Note: The address on the documentation provided must match the locality of the prefix for the phone number you wish to purchase.