Missing Emails in Base

Have you integrated your email to Base and noticed some emails are missing? Here are several things to check.


1. Lead/Contact has an email address on file

In order for emails to sync to Base, you must have an email address on file for a Lead/Contact. This can be the default email address field in Base, or a custom email field you have set up.


Base will then sync over any emails that are sent or received from the email address(es) on file.


2. Email blacklist

Base has the ability to blacklist email addresses on a one-off basis. If you ever come across a customer you never want to track in Base, you can always add their email to the blacklist in your Email Settings.


Any email listed under the 'Blacklist' tab in your email settings with not sync to Base, and you can always remove an email from the blacklist by clicking the 'Unblock' option.


3. Duplicate email address

If more than one Lead or Contact share the same email address, emails will not sync to both records. Base will only sync emails to whichever record was created first. 

You can easily check to see if a record has a duplicated email address by searching the email address in the global search bar. All Leads or Contacts with the same email on file will show in the search results.


If you do see more than one result come up, chances are you'll find the emails on the other records. 


4. Deleted email outside Base

Base's email integration mirrors your email server, meaning if an email is deleted on your email server then it will also be deleted in Base.

If you aren't able to find an email in Base, check your email inbox/sent folder outside of Base and make sure it wasn't deleted.


5. Lead/Contact is emailing from a different address

If you have an email address on file for your Lead/Contact and emails are still not syncing Base, ensure the email address they're corresponding with is the same exact email that's stored in Base. For example, if Jon Smith has an email of 'jon@email.com' in Base, but he sends you an email from 'jonsmtith@abc.com', the email won't sync over.

You can easily keep more than one email address on file for a Lead or Contract by creating an email custom field in your Custom Field Settings.

Under 'Leads' or 'Contacts' Settings, click into the 'Fields' section and add a new field. 


As long as the 'Field Type' is set to 'Email', then emails to and from this address will be tracked in Base.


6. Activity feed filter

The activity feed on each Lead and Contact allows you to filter by certain activities. If you have unselected emails from the feed, you won't see any synced emails until you modify your filter.