Merge Tags


NOTE: Bulk Email Merge Tags are available with the Professional, Enterprise, and Elite Plans.

The curly brackets icon  at the bottom of the email window allows you to insert unique Merge Tags to personalize emails to your Leads and Contacts. Merge Tags give your bulk emails a personalized touch, for example, you can have the Lead's name or company name automatically included in your email blast.

Merge Tags auto-populate fields that are unique to each Lead, Contact, or Deal, such as a Custom Field or phone number. The options for Merge Tags include all default information fields, like email address, as well as any additional custom fields you create.


You can insert custom field Merge Tags to include tailored information in your bulk emails, whether it's the rate of commission you agreed on with that contact or the name and age of their pet. You can even insert the email sender's information.

You can configure your Custom Fields in your account's Contacts and Leads Settings.

Zendesk Sell instantly checks your list of email recipient's for any merge fields you select. In the case that one of them doesn't have data in the field you selected, you'll see an orange exclamation mark next to their name. Hover the cursor over them, and the missing field will highlight in orange, letting you quickly identify the people whose data you'll need to update.


But nothing to worry about – if you click Send regardless, the email will not be sent to them. Instead, you'll see a notification letting you know that a number of recipients were not included in the email – and letting you compose a new email, addressed just to that group, with one click.

Naturally, you can also add the recipients one by one, using the + icon on the left-hand side of the screen, as well as filter the list for particular names. If you need to remove someone from the list, hover the cursor over their name, and click the red Remove icon that shows up to the right.

And as with any email, you can add attachments, either from your computer or from your Documents in Sell.