Merging Leads and Contacts

Clean up duplicates in Zendesk Sell with the help of our manual merge option for Leads and Contacts!

If you find duplicates, you can merge Leads or Contacts directly from your list. Start by navigating to your Lead or Contact list, then just click on the Merge button.


This operation will leave you with only one record, instead of 2 (in this example).

Once you've performed a merge, you will see that a new note was created on the Lead or Contact card:




These "merge notes" document details relating to the Leads or Contacts you merged.

If contacts you've merged had different values in the same field, Sell will automatically create a custom field to store this information. We won't delete any of your data so fields with conflicting information will appear in a corresponding custom field (i.e. "Email#1" custom field), preserving all of the details associated with the merged contact.

A few things to keep in mind when merging contacts:

  • you can merge 2 to 5 contact entries at once.
  • it's not possible to merge a person contact and a company.
  • it's not possible to merge persons who have different companies assigned to them.
  • it's not possible to merge a Lead and a Contact together.