Tracking Visits in Zendesk Sell

Start tracking in-person Visits made to Leads and Contacts using your Zendesk Sell mobile app! The ultimate solution for outside sales teams or our heavy mobile users, available on Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans. 


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What are Visits

Whether your day is spent going door to door as an outside sales rep or only making occasional visits to your clients, Visits in Sell allow you to track these in-person interactions with Leads and Contacts using geolocation. Use the map to plan your route, log Visit outcomes to indicate how things went, verify your team's Visits using geoverification, and get insights on everything you need to know with our Visit Reports.

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Enable Visits & Setup

Visits must be enabled on the web, but will be logged using your Sell mobile app. To start logging Visits, an Admin on the account will first need to enable Visits:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Select Visits
  3. Select Enable Visits



Customize Visit Outcomes

Create new Visit Outcomes or customize existing ones to indicate how the visit went. Choose a color for each different outcome, which will correspond with a map pin for each Lead or Contact you log a Visit to. This allows you to get a snapshot of Visits made to your Leads and Contacts when viewing the Map on your mobile app.


NOTE: You will only be able to customize and create additional Visit Outcomes on the web


Enable GeoVerification


Select whether you want to verify a user's location using geolocation on their device every time a Visit is logged in Sell. Based on the address stored on the Lead or Contact, we'll verify if the user's location matches up. If we can verify that the location of the user matches the address stored on the Lead/Contact, we'll indicate the Visit is geoverified! 




Logging Visits on the Mobile App

For anyone trying to log Visits in Sell, you'll need to download the Sell mobile app from the Appstore (iOS) or Playstore (Android) if you haven't already!

Once enabled, login to your mobile app to get started. For Leads and Contacts with an address, you can find the option to "Log a Visit" from a Lead or Contact card or by tapping on a pin in Map View.


From a Lead or Contact card.                      From your Map.

IMG_4602.png         IMG_4603.png 


NOTE: Gray pins indicate Leads or Contacts that have not been visited. 



How does Geoverification work? Each time a user logs a Visit we'll verify if the Lead or Contact's address in Sell matches the location of the user. We may not be able to verify a Visit if the Lead or Contact's address is too far (>200 yards away) from the user's location or if geolocation is disabled on the user's device - in both cases we'll mark the Visit as Unverified.




Visit Reporting

Track insights around Visits using Smart Lists and Reports


Smart Lists

Smart Lists are the ultimate solution for building custom reports that you can export from Sell. We recommend creating a new Smart List to track everything you need to know about Visits. If you're new to building Smart Lists, check out our getting started guide for Smart Lists here!

The various Visit fields you can add to Smart Lists include:

  • Last Visit Date 
  • Last Visit Geoverified - were we able to verify the location of the last Visit
  • Last Visit Outcome 
  • Last Visit Owner - the last user to log a Visit to the Lead or Contact
  • Last Visit Summary - any notes logged with the last Visit







Canned Reports

Under the Reports tab in Sell you'll find a few Reports designed to get you the Visit insights you need to sell more.

Visit Reports are included with our Standard Connect Add-On.


Activity Overview Report

Get insights into the volume of visits made by your team - track how many visits are logged by each rep in a given timeframe. Interested in how much of your time is spent out in the field versus doing other activity, like emailing? Lucky you, this Report shows a visual snapshot of your activity breakdown in whatever timeframe you're looking for. For more on this Report, check out this guide.





Visit Outcomes Report

Bring light to all those colored pins on your map and see a clear visual of how many Visits you've made, broken down by Outcome. Keep an eye out for trends - if you notice significant fluctuations in a certain color it may be worth exploring deeper.

Identify trends around Visit Outcomes to understand prime times to visit your Leads in the future and make the most effective use of your time down the road!