Managing your account

all Sell plans

You can work with your account settings from Settings > Manage Account.  This is the default view when you open Settings.

 If you are an administrator, you'll see all options in this tab.  If you are not an administrator, you'll see only see the Timezone and API token fields.Screenshot_2019-11-07_at_14.14.22.png

The options available are:

Account Name: Unique name of your account. When adding users to your account they'll see the account name in their Sell invitation email.

Timezone: The timezone can be customized based on your location. The timezone settings apply to the whole account.  It is not possible to set each user under a different time zone. 

You can set your preferred date and time format here.

Account CurrencyAccount currency relates to a deal's monetary value. When you've defined the account currency, all newly created deals default to the selected currency. Currency can still be manually changed on a per-deal basis (see Working with currencies).

Your API Token: Some third-party integrations such as Mailchimp require your API token in order to connect to your account. This token is from the deprecated Sell V1 API. For the current V2 API token go to OAuth settings.

Document Storage Usage: Documents uploaded to the document repository, or to individual records contribute to the account's overall storage space. You can track the total space left/used for your account. 

Cancel Entire Account: Use this option with caution.  If you click Cancel my entire account, your account is deleted.  All users and data are permanently removed.