Setting Sales Goals

Sales goals are available on our Professional, Enterprise, and Elite Plans. To compare our plans, click here.

Utilize Goal Tracking in Zendesk Sell to stay on top of rep and team performance every step of the way. Define revenue goals, as well as deal volume goals, for a certain period of time to give each rep visibility into how they're tracking toward their targets. Jump to:


Sales Goals Overview

Once Goals have been established, we'll immediately start tracking how each rep is progressing toward the goals they've been assigned. We'll also calculate a team total from the sum of each individual (rep) goal. See a quick breakdown on the Dashboard in the "Revenue Goal Attainment" widget as soon as you log in and for a deeper analysis of how everyone is tracking toward their targets, review the Goal Reports.



The Admin on the account will assign 2 targets for each user:

  1. Sales Revenue Goal
  2. Won Deals Goal


Sales Revenue Goals

This particular goal represents the total revenue target to hit in a given period of time. Each time a Deal is Won, meaning the rep has moved it to the Won Stage of the Pipeline, we calculate the Deal's value toward the overall Sales Revenue Goal. 

Won Deals Goals

This type of Goal represents the Deal volume target, or in other words the number of Deals to close (win), in a given period of time. Every time a Deal is moved to the Won Stage, you're another Deal closer to hitting your target for Won Deals Goal.


Setting Up & Defining Goals 

Note: Only Admins are able to set Goals!

Navigate to Settings → Goals


Go ahead and select "Enable Goal"

Determine the Resolution Period - the timeframe you'd like to set Goals for (i.e. Monthly, Quarterly, etc.) by clicking "Change Period" 



Note: Changing the Resolution Period will update the current Goal period as well as future ones.

Set future Goals by adjusting the timeframe - use the arrows to show future periods or historical ones.


If you don't want to track Goals for a particular user, simply unselect the box to the left of the user's name. Those unselected under Goal Settings will not be calculated toward the Team Total or in Goal Reports for that Period. 


Tracking Goals in Sell

The goal progress you see on the Dashboard, as well as in Reports, is intended to give you a quick snapshot of how you're tracking for the designated Goal Period. Green is a good indicator, whereas red means you're falling behind. 


The flag/line marker on the goal bar indicates where in the period we're currently at. At the start of a new goal period, the marker will fall to the far left of the goal progress bar, whereas when we near the end of the goal period, the marker falls to the far right of the progress bard.

For example, above you see the flag marker is near the end of the goal progress bar, which indicates it's almost the end of the month (because I've set a "monthly" goal period). 


Goals Reporting 

There are 2 different Goal Reports to track the 2 targets you're trying to hit: Sales Revenue Goal and Won Deals Goal. Simple as that! Navigate to the Reports tab and click on the flag icon to access these Reports.