Leads Settings Overview

In Zendesk Sell, we always want to make sure that you can work with your Leads efficiently. Navigate to Leads settings and customize your preferences. 




Leads settings

  • CUSTOM FIELDS - Customize the list of available fields to capture the information that you need about your Leads
  • Industry fieldCustomize the list of available industries to categorize and better filter your Leads. You’ll be able to see exactly how effective your sales are within certain Industries, and adjust your process accordingly!
  • LEAD SOURCES - Add custom sources to track exactly where your leads are coming from.
  • LEAD STATUSES - Lead status is a label that tells you what stage you are at with a particular Lead. Here you can customize these labels to fit your workflow.
  • UNQUALIFIED REASONS - Tracking unqualified reasons helps identify trends that can be used to optimize sales processes and future lead qualification.
  • TAGS - Add Tags to quickly categorize and filter your Leads.
  • SMART LINKS - Smart Links enable sales reps to easily access information from other applications directly from a Lead's card.
  • SMART LIST TEMPLATES - Create Smart List templates to focus your team on the leads that matter.

Settings permissions

Not all users can make changes in Leads settings on your account. Most of the settings are available only for Admins. However, you can enable Users to add new Lead sources and Tags. 

For example, if you want users on your account to be able to add, modify and remove lead sources, open Lead Sources tab in your Leads settings and change the flag Lead sources can be added by from Admins only to All Users.