The Communication Smart List

Optimize your communication tracking in Zendesk Sell!

For those of you new to Smart Lists, this feature allows you to create dynamic and customizable reports as the ultimate solution to effectively manage your Leads and Contacts. Check out our help guide for getting started with Smart Lists here!

You can create Smart Lists to get insights from every angle, but this article specifically focuses on the communication tracking available in Smart lists.



How does it work?

In terms of what's possible, Smart Lists can give you visibility into Email, Call, and Text communication across all users. To get the most insights and visibility into communication across all Leads and Contacts we strongly recommend sending emails, making calls, and sending text messages through Sell.

If you haven't already integrated your email, voice, and text in Sell check out these help guides for instructions on how to enable this communication.

  1. Integrate my Email
  2. Setup Voice and Text


Tracking your Communication

There are 14 different Communication fields that you can filter in Sell - add any of these fields to your main Contact (working) List, an existing Smart List, or a brand new Smart List you create.

These Communication fields include:


  • Days Since Last Communication
  • Days I'm Awaiting Contact Response
  • Days Awaiting My Response


  • My Last Incoming Call
  • My Last Incoming Email
  • My Last Incoming Text


  • My Last Outgoing Call
  • My Last Outgoing Email
  • My Last Outgoing Text
  • My Calls Without Lead/Contact Response
  • My Emails Without Lead/Contact Response
  • My Texts Without Lead/Contact Response

Email Effectiveness

  • Views of My Last Email
  • Clicks in My Last Email


How to Filter Communication

To Add Communication fields to a Smart List:

  1. select "+Field" button
  2. click on the Communication tab (or search for a particular field)
  3. click any of the fields to add it to your list


To Filter or Sort Communication fields, click on the funnel icon located to the right of the field name. 




Tracking Everyone's Communication

The Days Since Last Communication field allows you to filter two ways:


Filter this field to show "Everyone's Communication" to see the communication of all users, specifically the number of days since anyone on your account sent or received an Email, Call, or Text Message. 


Note: In this field you will be able to see the days since anyone's last email correspondence despite the Email Visibility Settings in place for each user.


Tips & Tricks

Trying to reach out to new prospects? Use the "Days Since Last Communication" field and filter those "With No Communication Yet".

Better follow ups? Use the "Without Lead Response" fields such as "My Emails Without Lead Response" which shows the number of calls you've made without a reply from the Lead. 

Analyze the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Use the "Views of Last Email" and "Clicks in Last Email" fields. Add the "Days Awaiting Lead Response" field to get even more visibility into this. 



Q: Will I see everyone on my account's communication?

A: Only using the "Days Since Last Communication" field. The other 13 communication fields track only your own communication with the Lead or Contact.

Q: Will email communication filters work on emails sent outside of Sell? 

A: Yes! Any email visible within Sell, whether sent through Sell or your own email client, will update the communication filters in your Smart Lists. 


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