Leads Unqualified Reasons

Enabling Unqualified Reasons on your account will help you analyze the most common reasons your Leads are unqualified. This will help you to optimize Lead Sources and Scoring, refine qualification criteria, identify coaching opportunities and so much more. Tracking unqualified reasons helps identify trends that can be used to optimize sales processes and future lead qualification.

Note: You must be a Zendesk Sell Admin to enable Unqualified Reasons 


Defining Unqualified Reasons

Start by navigating to your Leads Settings page and turn on Unqualified Reasons.


You can hit the Edit button next to the existing reasons we provide to rename them, or hit the trash can icon to simply remove them.

Collecting Unqualified Reasons

Once you've defined your Unqualified Reason's list, you can begin collecting data by turning on the prompt for all of the users on your Sell account. Simply select the Yes box next to Ask users for unqualified reasonWhen this functionality is turned on, reps are able to quickly and easily provide reasons for unqualified leads by simply selecting a predefined option from a drop-down list.  


Using Unqualified Reasons

Thanks to Unqualified Reasons you can always check how many Leads have been Unqualified and from what reason. You can also use that feature to store information about 'frozen Leads'. For example, if you're reaching out to a Person who is interested in your product, however, does not have a budget now, you can change its status to unqualified with a specific reason and reach out later.