Deals Settings Overview

Help your team gather the right information at the right time, to increase win-likelihood and ensure top-notch data quality. Navigate to Deals Settings and customize your preferences. 



Deals settings

  • DEAL SOURCES - Identify where your Deals are coming from so you can effectively evaluate which Source is more successful or challenging for your business. 
  • CUSTOM FIELDSAdd custom fields to store information that you’d like to track about your Deals.
  • LOSS REASONSTrack the reasons your team is losing Deals, so you can identify why and prevent future occurrences.
  • UNQUALIFIED REASONSEnabling Unqualified Reasons on your account will help you analyze the most common reasons your Deals are unqualified.
  • TAGS - Add Tags to categorize your Deals and quickly filter them by specific keywords
  • SMART LINKS - Smart Links enable sales reps to easily access information from other applications directly from a Deal's card.
  • FORECASTING - Predict expected revenues by enabling the information about forecasting on the Deal card.
  • SMART LIST TEMPLATESCreate and share Smart List templates to focus your team on the Deals that matter