Stage Conversion by Owner Report

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Drill down on stage conversion rates for each team member to identify certain areas your reps should focus on!

This Report summarizes how reps are converting Deals through the different Stages of the pipeline in comparison to one another. See a summary for each user or drill down into a particular stage or set of stages to better understand your team's stage conversation rates.


The white bubbles in the Report define the Team Average, showing you how each rep stands against the overall average conversion rate for each stage - colored bubbles (users) that sit to the left of the white bubble (team) indicate a user's conversation rate is lower than the team average. 



Hover over a user's name to see a summary of how they're converting Deals through each Stage of the pipeline, in comparison to teammates and the overall team average.


Looking to see conversion rates from the 1st stage to the 5th stage of your pipeline? Click on the stages that you'd like to exclude from the breakdown. For example, below I've clicked on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stages of my pipeline to exclude them from the breakdown I'm looking to see - now I'm looking at how users convert Deals from the 1st stage (Prospecting) to the 5th stage (Quote).



Tip: Keep an eye out for outliers! If you notice a bubble in the Report falls far behind this may indicate a key area of improvement for the user.