Importing contacts to Android

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There are two ways to import contacts, either from the Today > Communication tab, or directly from the Contacts page.

This article contains the following sections:

Importing contacts when you first set up the Sell app

When you download the Sell app for Android, one of the first things you should do is to import your data. You can add any contacts you have called or texted with along with any associated logs.

To import contacts for the first time

  1. In the Today tab, click Communication.

  2. Click Scan, and Begin Scan.
  3. Click through to allow Sell to make and manage your phone calls, import your contacts, and send and view SMS messages.


  4. Click review Call and Text Logs to choose what you would like to import to Sell.
  5. For each type of communication, review and save, or import the information, as required.


Your contacts are imported.

Importing contacts from the Contacts tab

You can import contacts at any time from the Contacts page.

To import contacts from the Contacts tab 

  1. Click Contacts, and the Add (+) icon in the window.  A list of options appears to add a person, company, or to import from phone.

  2. Click Import from phone, and your phone contacts list appears.
  3. Either select All, or individuals from your phone contacts, and click Import.

  4. Click the tick icon to add the contacts.  You can also tag them here, by clicking the tag icon.
  5. The contact is saved to your contact list.