Communication Center

The Communication Center is a centralized location for all of the communication you do in Zendesk Sell including emails, phone calls, and text messages.

Calls - Matched

Incoming and outgoing calls belonging to Leads or Contacts will be displayed in the 'Matched' section of the Communication Center for calls.

There is an option to play your call recordings directly from this list.



You can filter your calls via the options on the right side of the screen.


Clicking on the 'down' arrow next to the name of a Lead or Contact will expand a drop-down menu with options to call, add to call list (Enterprise feature), view call script (Enterprise feature), log a call, or call via a desktop app (i.e. Skype).



Calls - Unmatched

Calls to/from phone numbers not currently saved as belonging to Leads or Contacts in Sell will be listed in the 'Unmatched' section for calls in the Communication Center.

You can easily save these phone numbers by clicking on the 'Add to Sell' button on the right. If the number belongs to an existing Lead or Contact, there is an option to update that phone number using the 'Add to Existing' option by clicking on the button with a down arrow.




To quickly see a list of all of your missed calls, there is an option you can toggle for both matched and unmatched calls.


Text Messages - Matched

Similarly to calls, text messages belonging to existing Leads or Contacts in Sell will show in the 'Matched' section for text messages in the communication center.

The number in parentheses indicates how many unread text messages (or missed calls) you have.

You can also filter your text messages using the options on the right of the screen.



Clicking on any text message will expand it. You'll see options to view the Lead or Contact's page, along with delete the text message from Sell. Without having to leave the Communication Center, you can also send another text message by expanding the message thread.


Text Messages - Unmatched

As you might have guessed, unmatched text messages belong to numbers not currently saved in Sell to Leads or Contacts.

Adding the number to either an existing Lead/Contact or creating a new record is easy by clicking on the buttons to the right of the number.