Required Fields

Require certain fields to be filled out in order to create Leads and Deals or move Deals through your pipeline!

Available on Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans.


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What are Required Fields?

To create new Leads or Deals you typically fill out information like company name, person name, email, etc. - with Required Fields you gain control over which fields are mandatory to fill out in order for a Lead or Deal to be created. You can also implement Required Fields in order for Deals to move to certain stages of your pipeline. 

Require certain standard information like Address or any of the Custom Fields you've created!




Why use Required Fields

Tracking more information around the prospects and customers you're selling to will inevitably bring more life and accuracy to sales reports. For example, requiring reps to assign:

  • Source in order to create a Lead will immediately increase visibility into marketing effectiveness insights
  • Industry in order to close a Deal will enhance analysis of conversion rates or sales cycles. For example, you may find that your conversion rates are twice as high in a particular industry or maybe that sales cycles are significantly longer in another industry. Leverage this data around your prospects to better understand who's worth your time
  • Estimated Close Date when creating Deals will predict a more accurate Sales Forecast - better insight into how much revenue in your pipeline will actually close

Furthermore, making common fields like email address, phone number, or address mandatory to create a Lead will instantly build a fuller profile and ensure more legitimacy - really how worthy are those Leads without any contact information to get in touch? Start establishing better quality data around your prospects and customers to get a better grasp on your sales cycle, market needs, and clientele.

Implementing Required Fields with your sales team may not be the most exciting discussion, but the value of "good data" brought to both sales leaders and sales reps is undeniable and without a doubt worth it. Gain deeper, more accurate insight into who you’re selling to, how you sell, where Leads came from, or where Deals fell short by utilizing Required Fields to ultimately optimize strategy, increase sales performance, and boost revenue for your business. 


Configuring Required Fields

Note: Only Admins can configure which fields are required!


  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Field Rules




Require Fields for Lead and Deal Creation

Determine which fields must be filled out in order for users to create a new Lead or Deal in Zendesk Sell. You can make default fields such as Email or Deal Value mandatory, as well as any of the Custom Fields you’ve created.



Require Fields for Deal Movement

Determine which Deal fields should be required before entering a particular stage in your pipeline.

  1. select "Add Rule"
  2. then, select which Stage you want to configure a Required Field for