Discontinuing Support for iOS 10 or Below

 Published: October 3, 2018


As Apple brings you the latest technology through new devices and operating systems, we work hard to ensure the Zendesk Sell mobile app stays up to speed and performs with impeccable quality regardless of which device you use. In order to ensure the Sell app continues to provide an incredible experience for our mobile users, we are focusing future efforts on supporting only devices used by the majority of our users.

This week we will discontinue support for iOS 10 or below. We strongly encourage updating your Apple device to iOS 11 or above to continue to access new features on your Sell mobile app.


Why are you discontinuing support for iOS 10?

Choosing to support outdated operating systems would mean allocating resources to continue supporting devices that are not used by the majority of our users. We believe it’s in the best interest of our customers to instead place time and effort into building new features with better functionality so you can focus on the important stuff, like selling.


When does this go into effect?

This week, as soon as we release the new version of the Sell mobile app to the App Store.


What do I need to do?

In order to continue to access new feature releases, we strongly recommend you update your device to iOS 11 or above. Instructions here!


What will be the minimum supported iOS for the Sell mobile app now?

iOS 11. For anyone running on iOS 10 or below, the latest version of the Sell app that you will be able to install is the current version: 3.13.1


What if my device doesn’t support iOS 11 or above?

For those of you who aren’t able to install iOS 11 or later, not to worry! You’ll still be able to access your Sell mobile app as you typically would. Your Sell app will continue working as normal but please keep in mind that we’ll no longer be able to fix any issues reported on Apple devices running iOS 10 or below.


How do I know what iOS I have?

From your Apple device, the current iOS Version installed can be found by navigating to Settings > General > About