iOS supported releases

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In order to ensure the Sell app continues to provide an incredible experience for our mobile users, we are focusing efforts on supporting only devices used by the majority of our users.

Minimum supported iOS for the Sell mobile app

The minimum supported release of iOS is iOS 11. If you are running on iOS 10 or below, the latest version of the Sell app that you will be able to install is version 3.13.1.

In order to continue to access new feature releases, update your device to iOS 11 or above (instructions).

What if my device doesn’t support iOS 11 or above?

If you can't install iOS 11 or above, you’ll still be able to access your Sell mobile app but we’ll no longer be able to fix any issues reported on Apple devices running iOS 10 or below.

Finding out your iOS version

From your Apple device, go to Settings > General > About to see your current iOS version.