Using @mentions for collaborative selling

Collaborate with team members using @mentions to call the attention of relevant coworkers to specific opportunities when sharing updates, asking questions, or discussing important details others need to know about. The @mentions feature is available with all plans.


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Using @mentions to collaborate

Know exactly what needs to get done and who’s responsible for doing it in Sell. Mention coworkers when logging notes, calls, or visits and they'll receive a notification instantly.

Specifically, you'll have the option to @mention other Sell users on your account when logging, a note, call, or visit.



How to @mention

Whenever you create a new note, call, or visit in Sell, either:

1. Click the @ icon to see a list of users to @mention


2. Type the @ symbol, followed by a user's name


3. Mentions are also available on mobile devices.  Type @ and choose the person.


Note: You'll only be able to @mention users who have access to the Lead, Contact, or Deal you're creating a note for.

If you don't already collaborate in Sell, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

1. Status Updates. As a manager, you may want to check in on a Deal by asking a rep for an update. Log a note and @mention someone to get a pulse check on the status of a sale.

2. Questions. Times will arise where you need more information or further expertise to move a deal forward. @Mention a coworker to ask questions regarding a specific Lead, Contact or Deal without ever leaving Sell.

3. Assign Action Items. Need an approval on a quote? or a sign-off on a renewal? @mention your manager or relevant coworker to ping them about it instantly.

4. Share Big News. As an account manager, you may check in with customers to ensure everything is going well. Log call notes and @mention specific people to share key items or big news that'd be good for them to know. 

Writing notes with rich text

When you log notes, calls, or visits you can manipulate text to format notes however you’d like.

Use headers, bulleted & numbered lists, bold, italicize, or quote text to make notes clear and easy to revisit.

Enabling @mentions notifications

By default, when a user is mentioned they'll receive both the Email Notification and the Web Alert. To modify these settings:

1. Navigate to Notification SettingsSettings > Notifications > Preset Notifications

2. In Assignments & Mentions, locate the notification When I am Mentioned

3. Choose to enable Web Alerts and/or Email Notifications, click Edit.

4. Click Save._mentions_notifications.png

@mention web alerts

Web notifications are triggered instantly and display in the bottom right corner of your screen. Use the Notification Center to see where and when you've been @mentioned._mentions_webalert001.png_mentions_notificationcenter.png

@Mention email notifications




1. Are @mention notifications already enabled for all users by default? Or will I need to instruct my reps to enable these notifications?

@mention notifications are enabled for all users.

2. Can I @mention coworkers who are not Sell users?

No, you can only @mention people who have access to Sell.

3. Why can't I choose to @mention a specific coworker on the note?

You'll only be able to @mention users who have access to the Lead, Contact, or Deal you're creating a note for.